dfx replica

Use the dfx replica command to start a Internet Computer replica process (without a web server) locally. This command enables you to deploy canisters locally to simulate network deployment and to test your programs during development.

Note that you can only run this command from within the project directory structure. For example, if your project name is hello_world, your current working directory must be the hello_world top-level project directory or one of its subdirectories.

Basic usage

dfx replica [option] [flag]


You can use the following optional flags with the dfx replica command.

Flag Description

-h, --help

Displays usage information.

-V, --version

Displays version information.


You can use the following option with the dfx replica command.

Option Description

--port port

Specifies the port the local replica should listen to.


You can start the Internet Computer replica by running the following command:

dfx replica