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To download the DFINITY Canister SDK, run the following command in your terminal.

sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"

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What can you imagine?

Decentralized software that is automatically secure and unstoppable can do more than financial transactions. The Internet Computer is a general purpose platform and the developer community has built everything from video chat to mobile games to compilers.

Escape the Corporate Cloud

Why build decentralized software just to run your front-end on monopolistic private platforms like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud? Build your front-end in any framework (React, Angular, Vue, or even vanilla JavaScript) and have a public network serve it directly into your users' Web browsers — no plug-ins required.

Your new favorite language

The Motoko language is optimized for authoring for the Internet Computer yet packed with familiar features—like async/await, randomness, time and date, and even floating point numbers—you might forget you're building directly on a new kind of blockchain.

On the shoulders of giants

Thanks to the interface description language Candid, every service and actor object running on the Internet Computer is interoperable with every other (regardless of programming language). Your code can link in the functions of external services like static library code, extending open source coding with Open Internet Services.

Go ahead, delete your database

The radical rethinking baked into the Internet Computer means much of the typical complexity of software architecture melts away. You won't need a firewall, a VPN, usernames and passwords — and with Orthogonal Persistence your data persists automagically within your variables, objects and collections, as the memory pages that host them are persistent, making databases a thing of the past.

A new foundation for software development

We're admittedly a little impatient with the status quo of software development. We think every step in the legacy workflow—from how you write code to how users access it—could use some improvement. Developing on the Internet Computer is an exciting new frontier with a new set of best practices.

Let's get started...