Reimagine How You Build Everything Using Smart Contracts at Internet Scale

To download the DFINITY Canister SDK, run the following command in your terminal.

sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"

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The Blockchain for Builders

The Internet Computer is a completely novel public blockchain that can run at web speed and scale without bounds.

Just like the internet is created by the IP protocol, the Internet Computer is created by a decentralized protocol (ICP) that weaves together the compute capacity of node machines running at independent data centers across the globe. By simply adding more node machines, the capacity of the Internet Computer blockchain can scale infinitely.

Blockchain Built to Tokenize Everything

The Internet Computer is the world’s first blockchain where web experiences can be built with smart contracts (canisters) served directly to end users in a browser.

This creates a completely novel playground to build hyperscale, mass-market services, all on-chain. The world’s most popular social apps, e-commerce sites, DeFi platforms, and even enterprise systems can all be reimagined as open services run with tokenized governance.

True End-to-End Decentralization

Why build decentralized software just to run your front end on monopolistic private platforms, proprietary cloud hosting and database services?

Simply build your front end in any framework (e.g., React, Angular, Vue, etc) and have the Internet Computer public network serve it directly into your users' web browsers — no plug-ins required. The Internet Computer serves web experiences directly into browsers, so you don’t need to rely on intermediary cloud infrastructure.

Exponential Power of the Open Web

Any service built on the Internet Computer can share functionality and data with others with the permission of the creator.

As a developer, this bold new paradigm makes it possible for you to create entirely new services by combining two or more existing products –– creating a real “programmable web.” Think full-scale social networks in less than 1,000 lines of code.

Discover an Exciting New Paradigm

The radical rethinking baked into the Internet Computer means much of the typical complexity of software architecture melts away.

You won't need a firewall, a VPN, usernames and passwords — and with Orthogonal Persistence, your data persists automatically within your variables, objects, and collections, as the memory pages that host them are persistent, making databases a thing of the past.

Motoko — Build on the Internet Computer in Expert Mode

The Motoko language is optimized for authoring for the Internet Computer.

It is so packed with familiar features — like async/await, randomness, time, and even infinite (arbitrary) precision — that you might just forget you're building directly on a new kind of blockchain computer.

Start Building on the Internet Computer